Recycling nowadays should be a basic priority of every citizen, every professional group, every civilized community that would like to contribute to the cleansing of our impaired environment and ensure a healthy future for our planet.

I recycle means that I separate my garbage per material – glass, paper, plastic, aluminum, tinplate and wood – so as to be reconstituted and re-introduced in the productive circle.

I recycle correctly means that I follow the proper procedure so as to be feasible the reconstitution from the beginning of the materials that I recycle. For that purpose I should have to know that:                                                                                                  

  • In the blue container we put all the package that can be recycled – glass, paper, plastic, tinplate, aluminum.                        
  • Packages should be empty and clean of residues.
  • Big cartons should be folded and compressed before put in the Blue Containers.
  • Packages with food, like pizza e.t.c., cannot be recycled because they cannot be cleaned.
  • Certain packages that combine plastic and cardboard cannot be recycled.Make sure that the package is recyclable from the special notification on its surface.
  • I separate the lids from the plastic bottles and then I recycle them .I recycle the plastic lids in a different way.Mari Recycling collects plastic lids and gives them to plastic recycling factories.
  • Recyclable waste should not be thrown in the Blue Container inside bags.
  • We never throw into the Blue Containers common garbage, non-recyclable material.


In order to gather recyclable material, Mari Recycling collaborates with companies throughout Greece, setting the proper equipment for gathering recyclable material in hundreds of places in all Greece, with its own handling staff, achieving 700 tons incoming recyclable materials on a daily basis.The company seeks to exceed this volume on an annual basis, seeking to expand the import from abroad markets,too.