Our Exports

Through the years of Mari Recycling’s activation in the field of recycling, the company is a powerful one among the leaders of the market with a dynamic presence in the European and Southeastern markets. With its consistent course and professionalism the company has succeeded to stand out as one of the greatest exporting units of the branch in the sector of paper and plastic.

With an eye on the foreign markets, the company is continually upgrading and cooperating with people who are governed by the same values and principles that govern the company’s function, too. Thus, it succeeds reliability and consistency which are needed in order to move upwards. Among its clients are included important houses of abroad, having won mutual trust and security.


In order to gather recyclable material, Mari Recycling collaborates with companies throughout Greece, setting the proper equipment for gathering recyclable material in hundreds of places in all Greece, with its own handling staff, achieving 700 tons incoming recyclable materials on a daily basis.The company seeks to exceed this volume on an annual basis, seeking to expand the import from abroad markets,too.