Being a pioneer in the recycling field in Greece, Mari Recycling wants to be always among the leaders of the market, determining with its professionalism and transparency which  characterises its function, the rules and frame in which should be nowadays this sensitive productive sector.

Through the years of its constant and uninterrupted course, Mari Recycling wants and succeeds the expansion of the market in trading recyclable materials from other countries and the empowerment of  its exporting power. 

By constant investments in facilities and equipment, the company aims to expand its operations’ circle contributing not only to its own strengthening but to the wider field that it represents, as well, to the international market.

Among its goals, we find  unswerving , since its founding, the desire to contribute to the awareness and motivation of the public opinion on the recycling issue, while at the same time to put pressure with all its powers, so that the recycling sector to be determined by the same principles and values that determine all its work range.By doing so, it will bring the much expected benefits on the society, the economy and the environment.


The head of the family, Dimosthenis Fotopoulos, turns to the recycling sector seeing in that financial, social and environmental benefits that stem from its correct function. During the two decades of his professional course in the field, he collaborates with the biggest recycling companies, he gains expertise and experience on his subject and he prepares meticulously the building of his own company.