As a natural following of its expanded operations’ circle, the company is relocated to a 15-acre area in Aspropyrgos Attica with a 3000 square metres roofed space.It also increases the volume of recyclable waste and expands its collaboration with countries in Europe and Asia.It holds permissions of gathering-transporting for all the peripheries and it collaborates with Super-markets, press agencies, presses in the mainland and island Greece.


The company is located in a warehouse in Egaleo at a key place.It collaborates with companies that are Centres of Sorting and Recovering Materials throughout Greece and increases its staff in the handling sector at sorting points.On the other hand, it makes an agreement with the responsible carrier in managing package waste.In the years that follow the company proceeds in trade transactions with even more countries, concerning not only buying but also selling recyclable material.


Maria Fotopoulos along with her father, Dimosthenis, found MARI RECYCLING S.A. company with the exclusive object of work the recycling and trading of solid waste, setting their goals in the expansion of their operations’ circle and strenthening in the market, contributing at the same time to the cleansing of the area for a nicer environment.


The head of the family, Dimosthenis Fotopoulos, turns to the recycling sector seeing in that financial, social and environmental benefits that stem from its correct function. During the two decades of his professional course in the field, he collaborates with the biggest recycling companies, he gains expertise and experience on his subject and he prepares meticulously the building of his own company.